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Learning, Making, Loving, Reading, Smelling

~I know, I know it has been a few weeks since I have done a Currently.  Life has been a little crazy lately and my blog hasn’t gotten the love that it needs.  However, now it is summer, it means more free mommy time!

brett th grade

Currently Brett is Learning how to be a big middle schooler.


He has graduated the 5th grade and is now heading the big world of middle school.  I can’t believe that he is getting so big.  I now will be driving around to 3 different schools next year. That is going to be fun..

Custom cupcake toppers @

Currently I have been Making a lot of custom order cupcake toppers. This is way my blog has been on the back burner, my Etsy shop has picked up a little and I have been busy filling orders. Mostly 4th of July theme tags and cupcake toppers, but some other custom orders too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but I did miss my Currently..


Currently I’m Loving the fact the Ian is shining at something. He has always been the tape of kids that didn’t want to stand out, or afraid to try new things. So when he wanted to play lacrosse this year, we were very happy for him going out of his comfort zone. He had never played before, and had only watched his brothers play the year before. Lacrosse was a new game to us, I’m a football person, Go Pack Go!! But let me tell ya, I am Loving me some lacrosse. To the point the boys are not playing football this year. Anyways, Ian did so Awesome this year. They moved him to the JV team, and he got voted Best Defense man player of the year for his team. This is a kid who never played before and never wants to try anything that doesn’t have a controller or keyboard to it.  We are now playing lacrosse all year round, in club leagues and camps. I am so proud of him. I just can’t even say how much I’m Loving this for him, and how very good lacrosse has been for him..


I’m Currently Reading Janet Evanovich’s “To The Nines”. It is the nine book in a long series of Stephanie Plum Novels. I just love them.  I will read a few then go, and read others books, then come back and read a few more. I think she is up to like 20 books in this series.  It’s about a New Jersey girl who fell on bad times and ends up taking a job as a bounty hunter. OMG it is so flipin funny. I just love all the crazy stuff she gets into. I so recommend these books, the first one is “One for the Money”. They made a movie of  the first book, it was cute, but did not do justice to the book. Great fast funny read. It is a good one to get your mind off of heavy stuff.


Currently We were Smelling ~peanuts and cracker jacks, ~ and even some hotdogs and beer. Hubby had Color Guard duty for the Padres, so we went and spent the day at the ball park. Not much of a baseball fan, but it is always fun going and watching. Plus the boys think it is awesome seeing their dad out on the field holding the American Flag while we all sing the National Anthem. It is kind of a cool feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks, check back in next Thursday to see what I’m Currently doing.

Thanks Ladies @ HarvestingKale and OT & ET for hosting currently each week. Stop by theirs and see what they are Currently doing. Then link up and share yours..

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Peace Love Smiles


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  1. KatyM. says:

    Three different schools? You’re going to need three of you this year! My little guy is starting JK3 (a version of preschool) and I’m already wondering how we are going to handle adding his schedule to ours. You’re super woman if you’ve got three under your belt.

    Also, your cupcake toppers are super cute. Heading over to check out your Etsy site now.

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